That was bloody cold right?

So anyway - the message pops up on my local paddle board group EXMOUTH SUP AND PADDLE. If you've not joined - why not? In a nutshell it reads "I am paddling at 07:45 Wednesday morning". Well you must be joking right? I mean who said there were actually TWO 07:45's in the average day - I am aware of the evening one...

Anyway... the working day would scupper any plans to hit the water and to be honest it was bloody cold so instead I decided to launch NELLY my new toy drone. For those of a technology bent it is a DJI Mini 2 with 4k camera and enough flight technology to put the Eurofighter to shame and coming in at a whopping 249 grammes. I digress...

Braving the elements I headed down to Exmouth's glorious watering hole - the DUCK POND to film these two brave souls hitting the water at such an ungodly hour!

Here is the finished film for your delectation - if you want to see other films by me - and let's face it why wouldn't you - you can subscribe to my YouTubeFace channel by clicking right here!

Wednesday 17th March 2021 @ The Duck Pond!

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Enjoy your day!

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Paul Stephenson posted on Thursday 18th March 2021 09:24

Fantastic - it looks cold and I love the drone footage too. Keep it up!

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