Rise of the Cyber Flasher

Rise of the Cyber FlasherSelf appointed social media influencers are kicking off lately at the rise in so called "Cyber Flashers" or essentially people (mostly blokes) showing off their tickle tackle to ladies online.

The problem has become so great it is to actually be discussed in government with a view to making it a crime so Cyber Flashers - BEWARE! Your days are numbered so zip up your pants and move on.

Is there no safe place for your average flasher?

Well, no, these days exhibiting your wares to young ladies in parks, toilets and so on is actually still an offence and here's what the law states:

"A person commits an offence of exposure if they intentionally expose their genitals with the intention of someone seeing them and them being alarmed or distressed.

Any person who carries out an act of obscene nature in public can also be charged with ‘outraging public decency’. You can outrage public decency if you behave in a lewd, obscene or disgusting nature."

Note the word "public" because this is where your average Cyber Flasher is able to stay a step ahead - they are as yet not deemed as being in public so legally it's quite difficult to get a conviction.

WHISPERS OF A SELF-OBSESSED WORLDAre people really disgusted or are they just annoyed at being spammed?

For the most part receiving a sausage pic is simply: funny. To some however they are fighting a crusade to have the law changed to make it criminal in line with the public indecency act and eroding the rights of your average Cyber Flasher further.

But will it stop it happening? Personally I doubt it as reading deeper into the story on the BBC it seems a majority of professional full time Cyber Flashers are based in Asia making it economically a total waste of resources to catch the buggers.

Now this is certainly NOT to be taken lightly of course and we do agree these dirty sods do need to be halted but the main issue is giving credence to the self obsessed world of Social Influencers - in many cases the single most annoying job on the planet which is currently ranked lower that tax collectors.

Therefore - should we really worry about what these people think and consider Cyber Flashing as one of those unfortunate traits of a corrupted society.

Instagram influencer received 'hundreds' of obscene photos

A social media influencer said she had been the victim of cyber-flashing for the past 10 years.
Podcaster Jess Davies, from Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, said she had received hundreds of unsolicited obscene images.

Calls are growing for cyber-flashing to become a crime as part of measures to toughen laws on online safety.
The UK government said its plans would "force social media companies to stamp out online abuse".
Jess, who has 151,000 followers on Instagram, said she has become almost "numb" to the images she is sent, adding: "What's illegal offline should be illegal online."


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