Global Warming Fact or Fiction

To quote Diego from the film Ice Age, "I've heard of these crackpots...".

The Earth is warming up (or cooling down) that we know because it's been doing that for the last 500,000 years and that's as far back as our records currently go.

So what's the difference between half a million years ago and today? The obvious answer being simply that no bugger was around to make a huge bundle of cash from being green.

That's not to say that our planet is pretty screwed and it's beyond doubt that WE - you and I have contributed to the slow decay of our universal home. The question is are we destroying it because we simply aren't green enough or are we destroying it because ever since man discovered a way to create wealth from his fellow man we've been spending vast sums of wealth on destroying our fellow man to grab his wealth for ourselves?

The lusty biped

So is the real issue the fact that humankind is plain greedy? I mean most of the wealth we have we spend on actively destroying our environment be it building more homes, destroying forests to make our sofas, travelling to work to afford the homes we build and the sofas we sit it - do you see the problem here, oh, I forgot - scrapping the cars because they fall apart and are too old and no longer sexy and sending the sofa down the tip because it's out of fashion.

Cars, homes and sofas are a very simplified range of goods we spend the money we make travelling to work to afford. Imagine the real list? It's HUGE from fast fashion - last season's out, this seasons fashions now available all the through to wrapping a carrot in reams of plastic as we are no longer able to handle a few germs or woah betide any bugger touches it!

Seems to me green ain't the issue - humanity is!

A few assorted facts to whet the whistle:

Consider that last point and earlier when I wrote "ever since man discovered a way to create wealth from his fellow man we've been spending vast sums of wealth on destroying our fellow man to grab his wealth for ourselves...".

So - is it global warming we are fighting or is it each other?

While there's a profit to be made in being more GREEN there's a new revenue stream for the world's wealthiest people. Let's face it - a billionaire won't give up his cars, his yachts or his planes for you and I will he! Never has happened and never will happen so the vast armies of the poor will foot the bill to pay for them. Consider - "being GREEN adds an extra 16.7% to the household expenditure each year". 

That percentage to £1 million per year as opposed to say £30,000 a year or dare I say minimum wage is considerably different yet proportional.

To make that easier to understand

So you see rather than the wealthy being MADE to contribute it's the poor who truly make the largest contribution in proportional household income yet one does not become wealthy without doing their bit and their companies bit to add to the greenhouse gas issues.

So why?

Put simply - there are more poor people used to being poor so when you dip into their pockets it's unlikely they have the voice nor financial clout to complain.

Even funnier is this:

Various tax avoidance scams cost the UK £1.7 BILLION and these are in the majority being made by companies SUPPORTING the governments GREEN campaign!

Ever get the feeling you've been had?

The cost of talking about the cost of being green? COP26 = £100,000 but the true, actual cost could run into many more millions of pounds (source:

The Rise of the E-Scooter

Under the carpet brushed was the governments proposed review of the 1835 law prohibiting e-scooters.

The 1988 Act (section 34) together with the Highways Act 1835 (section 72) bans e-scooters from public roads. Let me just highlight two years for you - 1988 and 1835.

There were, as far as I know, absolutely NO electric scooters in 1988 and I am pretty sure in 1835 too. That's how long laws stick around in the UK so before the GREEN laws change it'll be far too late anyway so I ask you - what the hell is the point?

Last year over 2,000 scooters where taken by the police. The majority of those users are no travelling by car or bus or train to work rather than using GREEN ENERGY so I ask again - do the government really give a fig about being green or os it more about gathering more cash?

The world will not ever change while it fights with itself

Lastly for you to consider is that WW2 released more toxins into the atmosphere than every factory has done since the industrial revolution.

The answer may not be to punish the poor with higher cost of living but to tax the war machines because it's humanity's greed that led us here in the first place!

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