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What on earth is a " Bozzy MCoo "? Well I have no idea but I like it and it's a phrase I hold very dear to me as it is from my beloved 1970's TV series Worzel Gummidge - here are some more phrases, feel free to use them as you wish because anyone reading them cannot help but smile inside - if they're of a certain age and can still recall that long ago.

Well now I am finally an official Blogger - I joined the growing army - not an influencer though, let's face it, no one really knows what they do anyway - a BLOGGER however, that is an entirely different beast!

In reality I just write crap down and people read it if they've nothing special on like baking a cake or hand gliding perhaps - but that's no bad thing. In a world savaged by the dreaded Coronavirus and almost every blogger, vlogger, social deviant and influencer is cramming their stories with such key phrases as Covid_19, Coronavirus, Virus, Pandemic, Lockdown... did I mention Covid_19? What about Coronavirus? - for no other reason than to try make the great GOD of the Interweb like their content and rank them as such - isn't it refreshing to know there are still people that have no bloody clue how to blog - like me!

The joy of words!

So here we are - a whole new blog entry. What fun shall we have with our words. What joy can be spread - you see WORDS dear readers are POWER and words can make or break us, they can change the world! We use words to attack, to make happy, to make sad - even today I have a new Blog subscriber named Mr P. Ness! Naturally I have several leads and indeed suspicions who this is and I rather shudder at the thought he'll be loading up his red grammar correction pen with ink freshly drained from his thin veins to lay down the law of the written text.

I digress... LOCKDOWN IS ENDING! Yes I had forgotten that and that's a shame because every blogger, vlogger and online influencer will be tapping away all night cramming their rather thin articles with keywords.

Who's had a good lockdown? People of a certain age i.e. those that lived through the Blitz either proclaim they had a GOOD war or a BAD war. As time goes on and tinted specs get thicker most of those by now very elderly folk will give you that their war was indeed a GOOD war. So who had a good lockdown?

Remember those heady days of April 2020 when the flag went up and we were locked away? Ah the heat, summer came early for us and it was novel - excluding those who lost their livelihoods and of course loved ones. You cannot fail to mention the terrible toll on peoples lives. But for the general populous it was OK.

Rishi Sunak was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer on 13 February 2020 and proceeded to throw a ton 'o' cash from the public purse to support the ailing economy. Pity though because had he invested in Paddle Boarding he'd have made that all back by now as millions took to the water on their SUPS - in Exmouth you could literally walk from Exmouth to CockWood - or Cockoooood as Mr P. Ness says it - on inflatable paddle boards.

But seriously - lockdown is due to end and about time too! Trouble is what do we do now? No longer will a glass of wine really be a pint, a shot of rum isn't the bottle and a glass of Pepsi from your local will cost the price of a small electric car. We must support our pubs! They've been kicked half to death during lockdown - we took them for granted but is it really fun sat alone boozing with no one to proclaim how wasted you are too? Yeah ok - it is because we can do it on Zoom I know!

Nothing of any significance happened today - hence this piece is rather transparent rather like the Lycra I brought before lockdown, lockdown, lockdown - sorry: trying to get good rankings for that keyword. 

So dear fans of the written word what ain't that fussy what any of that written word means - I giver you summer from Exmouth:

Exmouth Marina Village February 22nd 2020 by Derek Johnson

Isn't that a lovely view? - for those who do not know Exmouth this is Exmouth Marina Village and over in the background is the swing bridge that leads to the Estuary by the mouth and out to the open sea. Right by that very bridge is the Point Bar & Grill. Now I am not in to obvious advertising but if the Point do read this - can I have a free pint? and obviously by pint I mean a bucket as this is what we have become used to over lockdown - simply put - a pint is too small and our livers require something a little more these days.

Anyway, that's all folks - have the best day in whatever pursuit you're in to and I will leave you with this:

My significant other and head of domestic operations, having been subjected to Worzel Gummidge decided that the scarecrow name for a certain "Saggy Potato Sack" would be funnier called "Saggy Bum Cheeks". A name I will wager still makes her laugh - but it shows how words can make us laugh and we should use them wisely - unless you're me of course...

Dedicated to Mr P. Ness... he loved this place.

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