Why did NASA fake the Mars Landing?

Tom Cruise saved us form the martiansOh and while we are at it - the Moon landing too!

We ask the questions so you don't have to and present the facts as we see them regardless of proof...

On the 18th February 2021 the Mars Rover "Perseverance" landed on the distant planet of Mars made famous by Tom Cruise in the epic "War of the worlds" written by Hollywood.

Perhaps Tom was hoping to meet Emperor ZOG leader of the Scientologists?

The journey for the buggy began July 20th 2020 bang smack in the pandemic. That's a long journey - thankfully Easy Jet and Ryan Air don't do those flights so there's little danger of DVT on the rover due to inadequate leg room although I expect the conditions on Mars would be similar to one of their flights to Paris.

But was it faked?

Well if there's one thing I understand is that everything I read online is true and without fault. So the big question has to be is the Mars landing all fake? There are a lot of people out there think it is - the very same people who believe the world is flat and naturally also conclude the Moon landing was also faked but what's the evidence?

5 points to prove the Mars landing is FAKE

Here's my take on the fake for you to investigate at your leisure...

  1. The sheer distances involved. Now I am no green again diesel hating protagonist but my diesel car only gets 60 MPG where as Mars is 212.39 million km away and that discounts roundabouts! Another equally valid point is that a friend of mine has an electric mini. It's tiny standing a mere 30 cm off of the floor but it is powered by 4 double AA batteries and that gets about 100 miles on a charge - it is bloody fast though - seems obvious that getting yourself 212.39 million km requires many more batteries or an even bigger tank of diesel.
  2. Tripods - these are known to exist on Mars and are known to be quite hostile with their heat rays and such. Any attempt to land on Mars would be met with a barrage of heat rays and the fact that Tom Cruise did not go there with rover therefore cannot destroy their nasty attempts to terminate the mission and destroy humanity.
  3. The information super highway. In order to beam back images and send commands to the rover you need wireless technology. Anyone wandering about town in Exmouth will testify that the 4G signal hits big black spots let alone getting to and from Mars. But hold on I hear you say - they may use 5G! Well that argument is doubtful on account that 5G causes Coronavirus and is being used by the Chinese to make the rest of the world infertile so they become the master race.
  4. A radio control car for nerds. Your average nerd didn't fair well at Christmas. The constant chemistry sets, electronic HAM radio kits and such they would have received were simply not as cool as a radio controlled car so they built their own and sent it to Mars so the street bully couldn't stamp on it and make them cry. Think about it..!

Point 5 is the most obvious proof that the Mars landing was faked...

Technology! It takes a MASSIVE (in caps) amount of tech to land a toy car 212.39 million km away. No matter what they say - mankind cannot even put working indicators on a BMW.

The jury is out - what do you think? Subscribe and feedback your views below:-

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