Post vaccine stops paddle board but not a quick flight

It was quite dull today. The sun was trying to peak out bu it was really struggling. The temperature was... ok... not warm but ok. There was not a breath of wind about and the water was like a mill pond. PERFECT!

Anyway, this last week I received my vaccine and was feeling distinctly off so elected not to join the fun despite the almost perfect conditions. So what to do? Well If I cannot join them I can at least fly the drone so that's what I did. It's just a little mess about really with no real story line or anything but look at that WATER! Flat as you like - perfect!

So anyway, once I have buzzed everyone I thought it time to venture away and set course at 120 metres over to the west of the estuary - the small village harbour of Cockwood was calling. Now that is 1.5 miles away and I was quite nervous about covering that distance. The DJI Mini 2 is tiny. I mean with the (wings) blades folded it's the same size as my iPhone 11 Pro.

Scouting YouTube there's plenty of videos of just how far these things can go - some 3 miles away and still make it home!

Thus packed with technology I tentatively headed west over to Cockwood - the furthest I have flown this thing.

Now of course - CAA rules were adhered to at all times and strictly NO flying over the railway track that crosses Cockwood Harbour.

Lessons to learn: the paddle boarders I saw heading out I knew and said I would fly over them for my film but to be honest, from the air, they all look the same! Now I don't think it a good idea to fly low and film strangers thinking you might know them - these drones can be quite irritating when unwanted attention is put on the person right? So to anyone who was out and didn't appear in my, er, epic - apologies - I will get you next time!

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