SUP Gear clothing

As you know I am all about the paddle boarding scene so it's quite exciting when a new brand rocks up particularly when they're from Exmouth!

Ladies and gentlemen of the pond I give you SUP Gear a new brand of paddle board clothing from T-shirts to hoodies, hats and beanies in fact all you need to look cool on your local pond.

Want to know more about SUP Gear?

Why not pop along to their website at and take a look at the ranges currently on sale. We've been told there are more designs coming soon so get in early.

What sort of SUP clothing is available?

So far the range consists of T-shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies and some accessories like a rather fabulous 20 litre dry bag ideal for paddle board adventures.

The dry bag is supplied by define wellness a local company. They are very good indeed, hold lots of kit and they are dry!

I have one of these bags → best thing I ever brought for my paddle board and a snip at £35 including delivery.

Sup Gear paddle board clothing

If you are into your paddle boarding then there's a new kid on the block called SUP Gear for paddle board T-shirts, hoodies and accessories.

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