Exmouth Tri Hards

I couldn't very well have my very own blog without mentioning a little something about the Exmouth Tri Hards - a group I have been engaged with for the last couple of years.

Founded in 2017 by Shelly Stammers the Exmouth Tri Hards have grown from strength to strength engaging the community at every level and bringing together people from every background.

The entire group is focussed on health, fitness & wellbeing or a combination of those important elements. Since early 2017 the group has come to be an extremely well respected one around Exmouth in South Devon and is known for fundraising and providing much needed injection in charitable concerns.

The group operates in three main social spheres - ladies, gents or both having dedicated events for each area to suit. Ultimately the model provides activities for everyone on an almost daily schedule - lockdown permitting.

Exmouth Tri Hards Community health & fitness group

No one can argue that being in the great outdoors is healthy and that is where this group excels providing everything from dog walking, beach walks, beginner running, advanced runs, cycling, yoga and more through to participation in events at national levels.

Where as one could not call them a dedicated running group or cycling group etc - Exmouth has plenty of those already - where they stand above most is the sheer range of things they are actively involved with.

Most members will probably tell you they've increased their range of friends quite considerably and that's what make the success of this group - friendship with lifestyle changes.

Members are encouraged out to join in others in their particular interest all the way from national races to sponsored events, evening runs and of course - nights out! The mantra is simply "Enjoy a new and healthier you".

The Tri Hards now boasts some dedicated trainers and run/cycle leaders trained to help you get started or improve in your chosen venture - or of course all three. Most runs and cycles are accompanied by one of these leaders who will be on hand to chat or arrange a meet, route or plan.

Last year saw a huge rise in people venturing out to tackle their very first 5K run. Normally referred to as a "Couch to 5K" but not a term I personally like and here's why: over the last few years I have witnessed such a wide range of people coming through this course. It's brilliant and of course the Tri Hards offer a quality leadership so you can take up running safely but the interesting thing is actually who takes the 5K courses. Not everyone is a first time runner although this is exactly the target demographic but there are many who are recovering from injury, been out of the game too long and much more so I choose personally to call it simply a 5K course.

We run several 5K courses every year brining together people of all ability from never run through to "Can't run, won't run" and beyond. There are also 5K to 10K for those wanting to extend themselves and hopefully come mid 2021 a 1/2 Marathon course which will see a few applicants rising up from the 5K all the way to running a 1/2 Marathon. Now that's dedication!

The Tri Hards isn't about training Olympic level athletes - it is more than that - it is about training your lifestyle, improving you to be fitter, healthier and above all happier through fun events and training.

Where does it go from here? There's big plans for 2021 moving forward. the growth of the group has dictated a more structural lineup. What used to be free now carries a very small fee in relation to the benefits and that is the inevitable side of running a group where licences, insurance and so much more needs to be paid for but what is health and happiness worth to you? The price of a coffee?

So, having read this - if you are in Exmouth then why not visit their website https://tri-hards.co.uk or pop over to the groups main Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/trihardsuk. 

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