Happy Blog Day!

To mark the success of NASA landing the I have always wanted my very own Blog so one Sunday I sat down and set about setting it up and here it is in all its nastiness and glory.

Why do I want a Blog? Well, Facebook is getting worse these days. Facebook jail is a very real thing! I got to thinking that I have a lot to say about totally unimportant nonsense that I could use a platform on which to publish my own solutions to the worlds many problems.

Added to that - my company is a PR and marketing company - we also do software, cloud API, websites and lots of other things so I set this up to test the water in digital marketing and search engine ranking to see what works and frankly what don't work.

To mark the success of NASA landing the "Perseverance" on Mars I launched my utterly unrelated uttering offering - my Blog! 

I come in peace!

No not really - but to my mind you cannot be into online marketing and NOT have a Blog - that'd be senseless.

So what do you have to look forward to? In a word: ramblings & blathering hence the name of the domain... blathering.uk. I will be posting my findings - maybe true, may not be, you decide.

Without further ado - WELCOME - the first presentation is coming your way very soon and with luck as this goes out I will finish it completely in another week once I have finished a few other little jobs (business related - I know they'll be reading this :)).

Happy birthday to my Blog!

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