Ever thought about SUP Yoga?

People that enjoy Yoga and paddle boarding have a new concept in town - SUP Yoga!

Today I ventured down to film a group of local paddle board people on Exmouth Duck Pond to see first hand what it's all about. 

The group was led by @onewellnessyoga (www.oneyogawellness.com) on behalf of Exmouth Tri-Hards (tri-hards.co.uk).

Essentially you anchor up your board or tie it to something and conduct a Yoga class on the board - that's all there is to it but paddle board enthusiasts report that it seriously improves their balance, stability, strength and all round SUP fun - worth a look?

Despite the conditions - cloudy and rather breezy - I took myself down to the Exmouth Duck Pond to film the activity led Georgina from One Wellness Yoga (links above).

So here's a little film I made to show you what it's all about...

A little look at the world of SUP Yoga

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Gary Smith posted on Friday 20th August 2021 06:52

That’s totally awesome man…splash

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